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If you’re trying to find reliable and effective HVAC repair company in Doral , look no further than the pros at the Florida Service Master Loca l- HVAC Repair. At Florida Service Master Local-HVAC Repair, we cater to the air conditioning needs of South Florida businesses and homes.
If you live in Doral, and want to spend the hottest months of the year in cool comfort, then we can save the season for you. You can depend on us to fix problems with your air conditioner. If you purchase a brand new unit, you can also depend on us to install it for you. When it comes to air conditioners, our technicians know their stuff, zero exceptions.
Doral Air Conditioning Repair
Florida Service Master DF Inc. has built a loyal customer base during its time in business. Our valued customers are all fully aware of our total commitment to top-notch AC repair and customer satisfaction in general. Not only are we hailed for our unparalleled AC repair services, but we’re also highly respected in Miami for our strong focus on energy conservation. If you’re passionate about saving precious energy, be sure to talk to us about our unrivaled energy saving assistance. We’ll be happy to get you onto the path of conservation.
Special coil cleaning offer!

Price $375.00
Evaporator coil cleaning is important in order to keep your ac working efficiently,
and to avoid clogging of your coil evaporator which in turn will make your AC stop cooling. 
Includes removal of coil,cleaning and re-installing..